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Donation Opportunity – Brennan Ambassadors Request

 Greetings everyone,
   As the pixie dust settles post our Once Upon A Time Homecoming
Dance; I am beyond proud of all the faculty/staff participation and
student involvement that this year’s homecoming brought. THANK YOU!

   With that said we; many high schools in our district and beyond 
do not experience many joys as we do at Brennan do to various 
variables. I have partnered with a local Northside HS to help make 
their homecoming season a great one for their student population. 
The Brennan Ambassadors (My leadership Team) and I invite you to 
look at your closet to find any gently used outfit that might make 
someone’s formal event be a much more delightful experience. I have 
attached a flyer that gives more details on delivery and dates. If 
you may post or ask your students to think of others.

 Our campus has a big heart and I know pulling together we can give 
to our neighbors in Northside!.

   Thank you in advance. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Felipe Lopez M. Ed.
AVID Coordinator
Student Council Co-Sponsor
Brennan Ambassadors